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Our Programs

We specialize in providing quality organizational training services to individuals and the business community. Some of our programs involve building schools in developing countries in order to spearhead global cultural integration through education.


Offered to students and young professionals, the Khuluma language training program’s objective is to train participants in the languages being offered. The program empowers participants in areas of organizational culture, language, doing business with people of diverse backgrounds and skills to enhance participation in programs like Doctors Without Borders and some UN initiatives. Register Today!. See FAQ's below. Lessons are held in a relaxed atmosphere - usually at a local coffee shop near you. 

Currently, the Khuluma Language Training program offers Zulu lessons.
The Zulu lessons cover: beginners basic Zulu; grammar and building the language from vowels; pronunciation, accent and fluency development; cultural aspects important in communicating in Zulu; reading skills

Teaching Method: Lessons are once a week over a ten week period. Each lesson is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.


 The Khuluma executive program provides an exceptional environment for corporate leaders and university students, empowering them with cultural tools for the corporate world.
  The meetings are designed to cultivate corporate leaders and university students in the areas of organizational culture. The training package includes language lessons and meetings with exchange students and professionals from accredited foreign universities and firms respectively.  Register Today!


The Khuluma After School Program (KASP) for languages provides language lessons to students – 4th through 12th grade. KASP focuses on languages that are not offered by the school or that are underrepresented in the community wherein the school is located.

The KASP curriculum is designed to engage students in the language, and thus give them the foundation needed for building the language. KASP curriculum also includes a rigorous culture study of the respective language. This is because the KASP recognizes the dynamic link between language and culture.

Currently, Zulu (spoken in Southern Africa) language lessons are being offered in the New York Metropolitan Area. Plans are underway to introduce other languages like Wolof and Dinka (spoken in Senegal and Sudan respectively) to particular communities in the United States.


The Khuluma Internship program is dynamic, giving participants an opportunity to be creative whilst expounding on their cultural, professional and academic uniqueness.


Once in every Khuluma academic semester, Khuluma hosts a dinner for all its members and prospective members. Each dinner will be a celebration of diversity showcased by a unique foreign dish.

The next time you have a need for cultural integration programs, contact us!

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Q: What languages are taught at Khuluma Center?
A: Currently, Khuluma Center offers Zulu lessons only.

Q: Do I have to pay extra fees for learning material and other services?

A: No. Khuluma Center service fees include all services and materials offered.

Q: What will be the language of instruction at Khuluma Center?
A: Lessons will be conducted in English and Zulu.

Q: I have never uttered a single Zulu word all my life. Is Khuluma Center right for me?

A: Yes, Khuluma Center offers introductory lessons that enable students to speak basic conversational Zulu, as they participate in the program.

Q: I am just three (3) years old, is Khuluma Center right for me?
A: Yes, Khuluma Center caters for all age groups. Our interactive classes sometimes have people from various age groups.

Q: Does Khuluma Center also offer cultural lessons?
A: Yes. Khuluma Center curriculum includes coverage of Zulu history and culture.

Q: I have some knowledge of Zulu and I wish to polish it up, is Khuluma right for me?

A: Yes. Khuluma Center provides a conducive environment for polishing up your Zulu language. This environment is marked by our enthusiastic students and knowledgeable instructors.

107 W 126th Street, Suite 5, New York, NY 10027, United States
Tel: (646) 481-3030

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